Office of Admission and Employment

Under the guidance of the University PartyCommission and Administration, the Office of Admission and Employment fulfillsthe responsibility of the admission and employment on behalf of the University.The office consists of two sections: Admission Section and EmploymentSection.The main functions of this office are as follows:

1. Draft student admission and employmentmanagement systems suited to the actual needs of the university and submit tothe university for approval, in conformity with the laws and regulations of theMinistry of Education as well as the relevant regulations and operational codesof the provincial student admission and employment office; improve operationalcodes related to student admission and employment ; and compile the annualstudent admission and employment implementation plans and submit to theuniversity for approval.

2. Draw up the annual student admission plan aswell as a preliminary plan for academic major quotas and provincial quotasaccording to the current national admission scale; submit this plan to theuniversity leaders for consideration and approval; and report to the FinancialPlanning Office of the Department of Hunan Education as well as relevantstudent admission offices in each province.

3. Draft the annual student recruitment publicityplan and submit for university approval; undertake plan organization andimplementation, such as releasing the admission plan, admission manual,admission procedures, etc.; handle correspondence, visits, and telephone callsfrom students and parents to answer their inquiries.

4. Strengthen cooperation with other admissionoffices in each province in order to establish good relations and to set upproper admission agreements.

5. Hold admission examinations for art majorstudents, P.E. major students and for students with excellent athletic skills,working with relevant departments to finalize and implement admissionstandards.

6. Decide student admission staff, training andmanagement; compie the Manual for College Admission; and organize and implementadmission under the supervision of the university admission office andpresident in charge.

7. Cooperate with other departments to design anddeliver admission acceptance notifications.

8. File admission data and cooperate with otherdepartments in arranging work related to the arrival of the freshmen.

9. Cooperate with other departments in verifyingfreshmen entrance qualifications and physical examinations results.

10. Give a summary of the admission process andsolving relevant problems in order to make improvements the following year.

11. Managine freshmen admission postponements andcancellations.

12. Responsible for employment of undergraduatestudents.

13. Plan, settle, and manage annual admissionbudget and publicize the statistics ofemployment of undergraduate students.

14. Maintain, renew and answer questions related tothe school’s admission and employment pages on the internet.

15. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

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