Teaching Services Office

Teaching Services Office of Hunan University of Humanities,Science and Technology is responsible for managing comprehensively ouruniversity’s teaching affairs under the leadership of president and provost. Itconsists of 4 academic Administrators (the Dean and three Associate Deans) and19 staff (secretary, clerks, and advisors). Now it has six sections, whichrespectively are the administrative section, the examinational section, theteaching affairs section, the experimental (practice) teaching section, theinformation managing section and the examination managing section. The majorworking responsibilities are as follows:

1. Work out and perfect rules and regulationsconcerning teaching;

2. Draft the teaching plans of the wholeuniversity;

3. Study and put forward the ideas of development programsconcerning teaching, course’s construction, majors’ regulation and so on;

4. Organize each department’s teaching plans,syllabus of each course and various teaching documents;

5. Organize educational research and exchange ofexperience;

6. Announce teaching information for Internetwebsite;

7. Be in charge of the formulation and enforcementof the rewarding system and measures;

8. Manage students’ statuses and verify thegraduating qualification of undergraduate students;

9. Arrange the registration of students concernedand organizes the arrangement of the whole university’s courses and control ofthe classrooms;

10. Manage various students’ examinations andchecks inside university and be responsible for the students’ national orprovincial examinations of grade certificates and the arrangement of all kindsof tests in different levels;

11. Be responsible for the construction andresearch of teaching materials and teaching reference books;

12. Organize and work out the students’ practice plan.

13. Accomplish other tasksassigned bysuperiors.

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Room306, 1st Administrative Building, HunanUniversity of Humanities, Science and Technology,

Dixing Rd. Loudi City,Hunan Province, 417000,China