Vice-president Chen Zhiguo investigates international cooperation and exchange in schools

On 23 and 24 February, vice-president Chen Zhiguo investigatesand guides international cooperation and exchange in School of Business, Schoolof Agriculture and biotechnology, School of Information, and School of Fine artsand design, accompanied by Huang Min, director of International Office. Headsof the above schools attend the meeting.        


During the meeting, heads of the schools introduce the workundertaken and achievements made about international cooperation and exchange,and express their gratitude to the university for attaching great importance tothe school's international exchange work as well as their excitement for the university'sinternational exchange blueprint. Full support is provided by the schools forthe international cooperation and exchange of the university.    


At the meeting, the attendees have an in-depth discussion on thefeasibility of Sino-foreign cooperative degree programs, and the choice ofuniversities, disciplines and mode of the cooperation. Constructive opinionsand suggestions are raised.      


 Chen Zhiguo fullyaffirms the contribution of the schools to the international exchange of theuniversity in recent years, and analyzes the current situation of internationalcooperation and exchange of the university from the aspects of Sino-foreigncooperative degree programs, international students, students’ studying abroad,staff going abroad for further study, international academic cooperation and soon. He points out that open education and international cooperation are in linewith the country's “One Belt, One Road” initiative and “Community with a sharedfuture for mankind” initiative as well as the university’s concept of “OpenEducation”. Chen hopes to establish an international education school throughSino-foreign cooperative program, introducing advanced educational ideas,promoting education and teaching reform, and pursuing higher quality of university’sdevelopment.