Notice on the Work Conference of 2022

All departments of the university

In order to promote the work ofthe university in 2022 and achieve the high-quality developmentthe university has been decided to hold the  work conference of 2022. The relevant mattersare hereby notified as follows.  

I. Meeting time: February26, 2022, 9:00 a.m.  

II. Meeting Venue:Gymnasium  

III. Participants: Allfaculties and staffs (Note: Since February 11, all faculties and staffs whotravelled outside Hunan Province can not attend.)  

IV. Meeting requirements:

(a) Please submit the list ofparticipants of each department to Ms. Kang Yanqin of the HR Office beforeFebruary 24.  

(B) Strictly abide by the meetingdiscipline. All participants must enter the venue 15 minutes in advance and beseated at the designated location. During the meeting, all participants mustset cell phones to silent or vibrate , not to answer the phone as well. Thosewho cannot attend the meeting due to special circumstances must report to theirdepartments for approval in advance, and the department will then report theleave of absence to the HR Office.  

(3) Strictly implement therequirements of epidemic prevention and control. All participants must wearmasks, and consciously accept temperature testing.  

Office of Hunan University of Humanities, Scienceand Technology