School of Education

School of Education has 4 undergraduate specialties: Applied Psychology, Humanities Education, Pre-school Education and Early Years Education (Sino-British Franchise Program). The department enrolls students from across China with about 800 students on campus at present. So far, the employment rate of the graduates in the school has been 100%.

The school now boasts a faculty of 37 members, including 5 professors, 11 associate professors, 4 doctoral degree holders, 27 master degree holders , 4 provincial “Young Backbone Teachers ”, 1 provincial “Excellent Teacher”, 1 university-level “Model Ethnic Teacher ” and 3 university-level “Excellent Teachers ”. The school is home to one university-level “characteristic academic discipline” in Applied Psychology. The school also has many teaching and research agencies such as applied psychology teaching and research center, humanities education teaching and research center, preschool education teaching and research center, teacher education public course teaching and research center, psychology laboratory, psychological consultation center and so on.

The school has excellent teaching conditions and advanced equipment. All the teachers and students of the school hold as their common goal the establishment of the first class school of educational science, so as to foster the most excellent talents in Educational Science for the society.

Undergraduate programs:

Applied Psychology, Humanities Education, Pre-school Education, Early Years Education

Main required courses for undergraduate programs:

Applied Psychology: General psychology, experimental psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, personality psychology, abnormal psychology, education, psychological measurement science, psychological statistics, counseling psychology, psychology research methods, economic psychology, marketing, psychology, logic, anatomy and physiology, advanced mathematics, the history of Western psychology and Western Psychology Readings(bilingual programs) and counseling practice, psycho-educational practice, the practice of marketing psychology.

Humanities Education: Introduction to Humanities, Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese Literary Theory, Modern Writing; Chinese History, World History, History, Introduction to Cultural Studies, Human Geography; Chinese Intellectual and Cultural History, History of Western Philosophy, Principles of Economics,  Principles of Management, Educational Psychology, Education, Artistic Appreciation and Training, Teacher Training in Putonghua, Social Investigation and Social Practice, Thesis Writing, Teaching Practice.

Pre-school Education: Education Studies, Introduction to Pre-school Education, History of Pre-school Education, Anatomy and Physiology, Educational Psychology, Statistics, General Psychology, Psychology of Early Childhood Education, Child Developmental Psychology, Child Care, Kindergarten Curriculum Theory, Early Childhood Education Activities , Basics of Children's Literature ,  Theory of Music, Vocal, Piano, Dance, Fine Arts, Calligraphy, Pre-school Children Language Education, Pre-school Children Math Education , Pre-school Children Science Education, Pre-school Children Music Education, Early Childhood English (bilingual), Education Internship, etc..

Early Years Education: Courses delivered by British Teachers are: Child Developmental Psychology, Psychology on Pre-school Education, Early Childhood Education Activities ,Review on Early Childhood Education , Early Childhood Education Studies, Reading and Children’s Literature,  Research Methodologies on Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten Curriculum Theory, Early Childhood Science Education, Early Childhood Education Management, Early Childhood Language Education, Early Childhood Health Education, History of Pre-school Education, Early Childhood English. Courses taught by Chinese Teachers are College English, Vocal Foundations, Dance Basics, Basics of Fine Arts, Piano, Comparison of Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Health Science, Early Childhood Environmental Design, Early Childhood Social Sciences, etc..

Contact Information:

Telephone: 0738- 8312819